CPC Members

The Community Preservation Committee is charged with overseeing the application process for CPA projects. The committee presents its recommendations to the annual May Town Meeting for final approval by the voters of all projects and expenditures. The current membership of the committee includes:

Jim Natle, chair, from the Planning Board, term expires 6/30/2020
Linda Leduc, vice-chair, At-Large Member, term expires 6/30/2021
Megan Manitsas, At-Large Member, term expires 6/30/2019
Alex Loss, from the Historical Commission, term expires 6/30/2021
Peg Louraine, At-Large Member, term expires 6/30/2019
Nancy Delgado Bachmann, from the Housing Authority, term expires 6/30/2021
Wilbur Quirk, from the Recreation Committee, term expires 6/30/2019
Eric Wojtowicz, from the Conservation Commission, term expires 6/30/2021
Vacant, At-Large Member, term expires 6/30/2020
Gail Gramarossa, Liaison from the Select Board